İskele Striped Thin Towel/Scarf

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İskele Striped Thin Towel/Scarf

This is one our lightest pieces. Super-absorbent on the sly, the Iskele works well as a scarf. A towel or sarong, too.

Peshtemal, in the family of fouta and pareo, is an old-world Turkish spa towel with modern sensibility; it’s a scarf, wrap, skirt, tablecloth, sofa cover, throw, window dressing or baby sling.

An alternative to terry towels in bathrooms and at pools, lakes, spas, beaches and gyms, Ana Ana’s peshtemal linens add clean lines and energy-efficient luxury to any environment. 

Woven by hand and loom from Aegean Cotton, one of the world’s most luxurious cottons, our products are known for superior durability, absorbency and ability to hold natural dyes permanently – with no chemical process. 

Wash cold and tumble dry low. 100% Cotton

Colors: turquoise, pink, yellow