Candarli Linen Block Print Bathrobe

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Candarli Linen Block Print Bathrobe

This linen-cotton robe has a substantial feel to it yet its softness simply defies gravity. The Candarli robe has been block-printed by artisans in Denizli, Turkey, using a traditional process that is thousands of years old. Patterns are carved and chiseled by hand into wooden blocks cut from Cypress trees. These blocks are then coated with natural dyes and pressed by hand and stone onto our fabrics to create a continuous pattern. No two robes are the same. Imperfections exist due to the handmade quality of the product.

Ana Ana is proud to bring this high-quality robe to the west. Your skin will feel at home in our handwoven Aegean Cotton. Great for the home, bath, pool and beach, this is thin cotton luxury at its casual best.  Absorbent and supple, the Candarli Bathrobe is sure to become a beloved part of your daily life. Wonderful as wedding, bridal, anniversary, housewarming and birthday gifts.

Three-quarter length, the Denizli Bathrobe features traditional block printing that dates back 1,500 years to the traditional Ottoman bath, or hamam, still an active part of Turkish life.

50% Aegean Cotton, 50% Linen

Comes in two sizes; S/M and L/XL.

Designs: Only on cuff (blank on back), Lotus on back, Half-lotus on back

Wash cold, tumble dry low.